Safely protects all your confidential information - user account passwords, credit card numbers etc. - and makes this information easily accessible to you in one place. You can access your data securely across multiple iOS devices.

What is Safely?

Safely is a light-weight but highly secure application that allows you to store all your user account and credit card information, and other sensitive data, conveniently in one place.

What is light-weight about Safely?

Safely allows you to create to three different types of entries: User account, credit card, and a general purpose secret note. We believe that these simple categories cover most needs, and guarantee that Safely is easy to use. It is worth noting that new types may be in added in future updates if it will increase the usefulness of Safely.

What makes Safely secure?

All user data is always encrypted. This is true for the data stored on the device(s) and on iCloud (if iCloud is enabled). The password is not stored anywhere and therefore nobody can access the data except for the owner.

What is the purpose of the password?

The password is the primary and pivotal protection mechanism of your data. The password must be entered every time Safely is opened in order to pass the Safely door.

What is the purpose of the PIN?

The PIN adds an additional layer of protection while Safely is open, i.e., the password has already been entered successfully. The PIN must be entered in order to modify the settings or any entry. Moreover, the PIN is required to view the most sensitive information for each entry. For example, the user name for an account can be read without the PIN; however, the password is only displayed after entering the PIN.

What if I forget my password?

Since the password is not stored anywhere, there is no way to recover it. Never forget the password!

What if I forget my PIN?

The PIN can be set using the password:

  1. Go to the settings by pressing the "Settings" button in the upper-left corner.
  2. The PIN is now requested before the settings menu is shown. Press the "switch" button to the right of the "home" button in the upper left corner. Now you can enter your password to enter the settings menu.
  3. In the settings menu, press the "actions" tab (the right-most tab).
  4. Press the "Change PIN" button and set a new PIN.

What security technology is used?

The advanced encryption standard (link: is used in cypher-block chaining (CBC) mode using a 256-bit key. The Password-based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2) (Link: is used to derive the encryption key from the password using a random salt of 8 bytes. The number of rounds to derive the key depends on the device. The computation of the number of rounds is calibrated to take roughly 0.5 seconds. A fresh encryption key is used each time data is stored locally or on iCloud. If you wish to get more details, feel free to contact us (Link to contact page).